Hire Rhonda

Bring Rhonda to your next event, workshop, or meeting.






If you are interested in promoting health and wellness through the practice of Christian yoga or Christian meditation, Rhonda is available for:

  • Teaching  meditation techniques for stress relief and relaxation.
  • Opening meetings with group Christian meditation.
  • Christian yoga demonstrations for strength, flexibility, and relaxation.
  • Conducting workshops or presentations on Christian meditation or yoga.
  • Available for youth and adult events.

(If your group is not Christian,  secular versions are available.)

Cost: For mini-workshops, demonstrations, and presentations within the Sacramento area,  the cost is usually free, donations are welcomed. Must be allowed to bring promotional materials and/or products for sale. Please inquire regarding any cost if your event is out of the Sacramento area.

Inquire with date, time, location, event type, name, and contact information and send to email below:

         thechristianmeditator @  yahoo.com (you’ll need to close the spaces)

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