Live Online Yogis for Christ Christian and Meditation Classes

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Yashiya is the Hebrew Name of Jesus! Would you like to take a Christian Yoga class in your area, but there aren’t any available? Have you been searching for stretching, strength-building, and toning videos online? If so, you may be interested in bringing Yeshua Yoga to the comfort of your home? Please take a few moments to complete the survey below. If there is enough interest, you’ll be able to sign up for LIVE Yeshua Yoga and Meditation Classes and participate via your computer, IPad, or television on Trainerly.

Christian LIVE Benefits:

  • Live classes that change each week
  • Don’t have to leave home
  • Christ-centered workout
  • Experienced Instructor
  • Variety of classes and sessions
  • Affordable
  • Variety of days and times


What Makes Christian Yoga Classes Different?

Why are millions of people so interested in yoga? There are numerous reasons. The benefits of yoga are physical,  mental, biological, and social, and many scientific studies support this. In fact, many doctors are now encouraging their patients to take up some sort of yoga or meditation practice to help alleviate symptoms of physical illness.   In addition, a peaceful mind promotes healing. What Makes Christian Yoga Different from Traditional Yoga Class? There is a lot of controversy regarding yoga in the church today. Although many believers would like to receive the benefits of yoga, they don’t want to compromise their Christian faith or worship idols. Christian Yoga classes are designed for those who wish to enjoy all the health benefits of yoga without any of it’s historical roots or symbols.  Each Christian Yoga class begins with prayer, includes scripture references, and includes worship music playing in the background. Not only are you getting a great workout, you’re worshiping the Lord and renewing your mind! Here are just a few of the yoga benefits listed:


  • stress relief
  • building strength
  • flexibility and supple joints
  • decreases blood pressure
  • reduces cholesterol
  • increases immunity
  • improves memory
  • decreases glucose levels
  • better posture
  • weight loss
  • more life balance
  • peace of mind
  • greater connection to God


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