Paint & Meditate Your Way to Success- September 8

paint and meditate retreat sacramento

Paint and Meditate Your Way to Success Half Day-Retreat

Join Art Soul Healing Artist, Carla Mathis along with meditation instructor Rhonda Jones for a spiritual retreat to turn your dreams into a reality.

 Art therapy, meditation, and yoga are popular health activities that many people are now turning to in order find inner peace, healing, and overall well-being, but did you know that you can use these healing tools to manifest your dreams and desires? This is why yoga and meditation instructor Rhonda Jones has teamed up with Art & Soul healing artist, Carla Mathis for a one-of-kind retreat. During the Paint and Meditate Your Way to Success Mini-Retreat, that will be held on Saturday, September 8, from 11-3p.m. at Center 7 Studio in Oak Park, participants will use the transformative power of art, yoga, and meditation to unleash and manifest their dreams. 

Through a gentle mini-yoga chair series, attendees will relax and connect with their inner wisdom and calm.  Rhonda and Carla will guide participants through several art and emotional healing exercises to identify and wash away all fears and limiting beliefs standing in the way of their success. Next, attendees will create manifesting journals and be guided through a manifesting meditation where they  will plant their visions in the clean and fertile soil of their inner gardens. Lastly, participants will bring their deepest desires to fruition by painting on canvas their very own Faith Flowers to help them focus and nurture their visions and keep them alive. 

Carla Mathis is a healing artist and has her own website called Art & Soul, where she focuses on helping people heal their own lives and release negativity through her Art Healing Program. Rhonda Jones is the creator of The Christian Meditator website, and is a local faith-based yoga instructor,, where she has been teaching the life-changing power of meditation for over 10 years through her online courses and retreats. 

Cost for the retreat is $60.00 and includes all materials, beverages, and light snacks & Follow up Meetup Register to purchase tickets at Limited seating.