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Instructor Rhonda Jones:

Rhonda Jones has been promoting health and wellness for many years. She is the owner of the award-winning website, The Christian Meditator, at http://www.thechristianmeditator.com that teaches believers how to meditate on God in a way that completely honors their Christian faith. Her Christian meditation ministry has touched the lives of thousands through her Christ-centered meditation and affirmation CDs, articles, workshops, retreats, where people from as far away as Canada have attended.  Rhonda believes that christian meditation helps believers to follow the Biblical mandate to “cast down every thought and imagination that exalts itself against the knowledge of God and bring every through unto the authority of Christ.”  A mind that is distracted or filled with negative or toxic thoughts can’t fully embrace the kingdom of God,” says Rhonda. Rhonda has been a guest speaker and workshop presenter at many churches, Christian yoga studios, and other  health events sharing the practice of Christian meditation.

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Rhonda is also the creator of Help Me God Change My Life, a 12-week Biblically-based personal development program to help believers transform their lives in seven key areas: mind, spirit, body, home, relationships, vision, and schedule. She wrote this program in response to the many Christians, pastors and parisheners, who contacted her for advice on overcoming  depression. As Rhonda attests, it was Christian meditation integrated with the scriptures that helped her overcome years of depression. The program incorporates Christian meditation with daily lessons and diving deeper exercises. You can learn more at http://www.thechristianmeditator.com.

christian yoga sacramento rhonda jones

Rhonda, a student of the Niroga Yoga Teacher Training Program in Berkeley, received  200- hours of  Register Yoga Training ( RYT) .  Rhonda is also Yahweh Yoga Certified (YYT)  through the Yahweh Yoga Teacher Training Program receiving over 200 hours in Christian Yoga training.

As far as her faith, Rhonda accepted Yeshua as her personal Lord and Savior in her early 20’s. Since then she has attended many different churches and served in a variety of ministries including teaching Sunday School, outreach, ushering, and health and fitness. Rhonda has studied health and nutrition for many years. She is a vegan and certified raw food chef.  She is the mother of three daughters and a grandson.




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