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Are You Seeking a Healthier Lifestyle?



If you have been seeking healthier lifestyle and don’t quite know where to begin, we’re here for YOU!  First of all, it is important to recognize that health and wellness is a mind, body, and spirit connection. If you’re not feeling well physically, it’s going to negatively impact your mind and spirit. To the contrary, if the thoughts you are thinking on a daily basis are toxic and fear-based, that is going to have an impact on your physical health.  Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is an holistic matter that requires good nutrition, regular exercise, and keeping our mind pure and stress-free!

At the Secret Place Lifestyle Center we offer a variety of classes and workshops that minister to the whole person. These include Holy Fit ( yoga Christian alternative) as well as Christian meditation, health seminars, classes, and workshops, lifestyle coaching, personal development courses, and much more.

We also cater to private, church, or ministry groups. Ask about hosting a 3, 4 or 6 hour getaway workshop for a day or evening of quiet, relaxation, and renewal. We have a variety of themes to choose from.

What Makes Holy Fit Different from Traditional Yoga Class?

There is a lot of controversy regarding yoga in the church today. Although many believers would like to receive the benefits of yoga, they don’t want to compromise their Christian faith or worship idols.  Holy Fit, the Christian Alternative to yoga classes are designed for those who wish to enjoy all the health benefits of yoga without any of it’s historical roots or symbols.  Each Holy Fit class begins with prayer, includes scripture references, and you’ll enjoying listening to Christian music playing in the background. Not only are you getting a great workout, you’re worshiping the Lord and renewing your mind!

Check out current classes and workshops.

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