Host Yoga Class or Series

Why Host a Holy Fit, Christian Yoga, or Hatha Yoga Class Series?

  • Promote health and wellness
  • Can be used as a fundraiser.
  • We do all the work, you just promote.
  • Experienced and certified instructor.


Bring a 6 – Week Class Series at your church, organization, or business!

It’s  So Easy!

You Will:

  • Provide 1 ½ hour classroom space per week for six-week session.
  • Promote the classes to your clients or church congregation and assist members in sign up.
  • Receive a commission, portion of class fees, or provide low cost room space (incorporated in class fees)

We Will:

  • Provide an awesome workout that promotes strength, flexibility, balance, and peace of mind.
  • Collect class fees based on class size and commission agreement. (usually 6-week series)
  • Provide workout materials (Attendees should bring their own yoga mats)

 Choose Between a Holy Fit, Christian Yoga, or Hatha Yoga Class.

You can choose from a Holy Fit, Gentle Journey Christian Yoga, or Hatha Yoga class.

What’s the difference?

Holy fit

Some churches and Christians believe that Christians should not practice yoga but want an alternative.  Holy Fit Classes provide that alternative with minimal references to yoga terminology.  Most believers are surprised to find that a Holy Fit or Christian Yoga class just incorporates a lot of stretching, movement, flexing, and relaxation. It also allows them to just “be” and enjoy the presence of God.  Each workout begins and ends with scripture, prayer, or inspirational text.

Gentle Journey Christian Yoga

Gentle Journey Christian Yoga Classes are similar to Holy Fit except there are a few more reference to yoga terminology. For example, naming yoga poses  (i.e. downward facing dog or triangle pose, etc) This is helpful so that students can move into the poses without lots of verbal instructions or cues. Each workout begins and ends with scripture, prayer, or inspirational text.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is a fitness-based yoga without any religious overtones. It is the type of yoga usually practiced in gyms.   If you are a health-related business that does not cater to Christians only, this might be the best choice for your business or organization.  These classes may contain some spiritual references or inspirational text, but do not favor one religion over another.

To sign up or  learn more please contact me at 916-529-9854 or email me via the contact form.


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