Overcoming Emotional Eating Naturally

eft for overeating

Most Women Are Emotional Eaters!

What about you?

Just recently I hosted a Free Spirit Filled Living Workshop on how to use EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques to heal your emotions naturally, emotions like anger, anxiety, grief, sadness, depression, and even pain. 


Please watch short video below for how to use the script and quick overview.  


Please watch the video above to learn how to get started… Just click on the image (above) to download the script. 

EFT Sacramento

Great turn-out to my Free Spirit Filled Living Class on Healing Emotions Naturally with Emotional Freedom Technique. 

Join Me for Upcoming 3-Hour Workshop!

Want to Learn More? Come to Upcoming Workshop!

When: Saturday, March 2, 2019

Time: 11 a.m.-2 p.m.

Where: Wild Flower Studio, 1320 Sutterville Road, Sacramento, CA. 95822

Cost: $50.00

Sign up for workshop to get additional support in creating your own EFT scripts to overcome or reduce anger, sadness, anxiety, stress, depression, pain, or other toxic emotions or habits.

  • Learn how to add EFT to your emotional healing toolbox.
  • You’ll also receive my 15-page EFT ebook that contains 8 pre-made scripts.
  • Learn the powerful technique of EFT and journaling to get to the root of your pain and limiting beliefs.
  • Learn several different EFT tapping methods.
  • Get assistance and support in learning EFT and in creating your own scripts.

Register online at https://www.secretplacemeditation.com . Space is limited.  COST: $50.00

If you have coupon code, please add during checkout.

Please watch this awesome documentary, “Heal” on the role of the mind and beliefs in our healing. You’ll even see a few practitioners using EFT to help clients heal toxic emotions.

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