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February-Healing Toxic Emotions Naturally

March – Dynamic Mindfulness for Children & Teens

April- Essential Oils for Health & Well-being & Meditation

May- Keeping Your Heart Open & Meditation

June- How to Do Walking Meditation (Outdoors)

July- Relaxing Yoga & Meditation in the Park

August- Fun Ways to Manifest Your Dreams & Desires

Making Prayer Meditation Beads & Meditation (TBA)

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The Mindful Parent and Child!

For the March Spirit-Filled Living Free Class, I will be sharing some mindfulness activities that you can do as a parent to help your child to help manage emotions, cope better with stress, reduce anxiety, and increase focus and concentration. Parents of all ages will benefit as well. This is a student-centered class. During this month’s class, we will be exploring some fun techniques and activities you can do together with your child for mental and emotional health. 


Saturday, TBA from 10:30-11:30 a.m.

Location: Wild Flower Studio, 1320 Sutterville Road, Sacramento, CA. Near William Land Park

Previous Workshops

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November Series topic:  How to Meditate to Release Stress and Anxiety. Testimonial: “I enjoyed being a part of this positive space and being a part of such powerful spiritual energy. Thank you for sharing this time with us.”

About Spirit-Filled Living Workshop Series

Started in October 2018! Sign up for my FREE Spirit-Filled Living Series where I will offer a free monthly workshop on various topics to help you grow in your spiritual life and live with more peace, joy, and contentment. Topics will include how to meditate, manifesting your desires, releasing toxic emotions, overcoming negative thinking, yoga for stress relief, and much more. 

Jesus stated that God is a spirit and that they who worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and Truth. During this free monthly series, together we will explore ways that we can grow in deeper union and alignment with God by  seeking Him from within. 

In addition, the greatest obstacles to union with God are an unrenewed mind and a tainted heart. Jesus said that we are to purify our hearts and minds from everything that can contaminate it. Many of us are carrying around years, even decades of mental and emotional debri that needs to be released!

As we cleanse ourselves from within, we create a greater space to know and experience God as He begins to occupy these spaces with his peace, joy, contentment and love. With God’s Spirit within us, we have our own internal guidance system, and don’t need to rely upon outside sources for our lead us. 

If you want to replace religion with relationship and reconnect with yourself and God within you, I invited you to come. Cost is free; donations of any amount are welcomed. 

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Read what other's are saying:

“Rhonda you are a gift from God and your ways of teaching are amazing. I’m blessed to have found you. God blessed you and you are using the gifts you were given.” – Karen Musgrave.

“I really love the class, very informative.” – Star Harvey

“This was so rich with ideas and “A-ha” moments for me. I loved the tools provided.” – Heather Moore

“Rhonda you are such a gift to us and your spirit reasonates with everyone. I’m seeing you grow more and more and the lives that are being affected will never be the same. Keep being in the light.” – Dawn Marie

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